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Frequently asked questions

What is a hair topper?

A hair topper is a kind of hair extension that clips on the top of the head. It’s meant to be used to cover thinning hair areas or just to add volume.

What base size should I wear?

Choosing the right base size of the hair topper doesn’t depend on the size of your head. Smaller base sizes (6x6 or smaller) are used to cover just your crown area and not to add extra volume. They can still be put in a high ponytail. Larger base sizes are recommended when more coverage is needed. It brings more comfort as the clips are not attached to sensitive areas of your scalp. It gives the hair more volume because there are more wefts of hair in the back of your head.

What length should I wear?

If your hair is still thick at the ends, I would suggest a topper that is the same length as your own hair. To purchase the right length, measure your hair from your middle part line and add an extra 1-2 inches. If your hair is very thin it is possible to wear longer pieces because not much of your own hair will show.  

How do I care for my hair topper?

If wearing daily, I suggest washing your pieces every 2-4 weeks. Please use a high quality, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a coin sized amount of the shampoo. Dunk the topper, holding it at the part. Remove it and gently squeeze the water out from top to bottom. Repeat until clean, then rinse under running water.  Repeat this process, this time using a conditioner instead of the shampoo.  Make sure that you use a water softener. Hard water leaves a residue that affects the quality and color of the hair. I highly recommend using distilled water to wash your pieces. During the winter (or in drier locations in general) use a high quality, leave-in conditioner to prevent tangling.

What kind of hair do you use?

Our toppers are made of the highest quality, 100% human, Remy Brazilian hair.

What density does Zare Hair use?

We use regular density. Our hair toppers are designed to not be heavy in the front and to look natural.

How do your hair toppers dry?

Our hair toppers dry naturally straight.

Can I change the part?

Yes. Using a spray bottle, wet the silk area and comb the hair in the desired direction. Blow dry or air dry.

Can I use heat tools on your pieces?

Yes.  But remember, using more heat will shorten the life of the hair.

How do I choose the right color?

We photograph our pieces in natural and artificial lighting.  We suggest taking photos in both kinds of lighting and comparing the color with our photos. We also offer online consultation to help you choose the right color.

Can Zare Hair toppers be colored?

Our hair toppers can be darkened, but we do not recommend lightening our already light pieces. We offer natural virgin human hair pieces that haven’t undergone any color treatments. This hair can be bleached

but we DO NOT RECOMMEND applying the bleach to the silk area. It will damage the knots and cause shedding. 

How long will my hair topper last?

With proper care our hair pieces should last about 1-2 years. 

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